Below are a few projects that I created during my MLIS program. ♦Forgive any dead links!♦

Never heard of a bookmarklet? Check out this Prezi presentation that I created for an Emerging Technologies course. If you want more information, here is the Bookmarklets Report.

Fan of mysteries? The Little Stranger is a great gothic mystery by Sarah Waters, watch this preview.

Exploring Academic Outreach
Literature review looking at the use of outreach by academic libraries.

Digital Library
A basic digital library of children’s musical scores created for a Digital Library class.

internet-movie-database-imdb-presentation-1-638 (1)
Not only is IMDB entertaining, but it is a beloved research tool!

Research paper on the topic of folksonomies. Folk what, you ask? Just a fancy word for digital tagging.

Wild West
Interested in western novels? This Pinterest Board provides a brief overview of the genre.

Collection Development
A fictional collection of books for a botanic library, here is the book-by-book breakdown