Below are a few professional & school projects ♦Forgive any dead links!♦

Sign Project

Stack Signage
Call numbers shifting? This presentation outlines 3 options for stack signage. Additional images can be found on Pinterest.

Never heard of a bookmarklet? Check out this Prezi presentation that I created for an Emerging Technologies course. If you want more information, here is the Bookmarklets Report.

ADA ComplianceADA Compliance
Are the stacks in your library ADA compliant? This Prezi presentation and corresponding timeline can help.

Fan of mysteries? The Little Stranger is a great gothic mystery by Sarah Waters, watch this preview.

Exploring Academic Outreach
Literature review looking at the use of outreach by academic libraries.

Digital Library
A basic digital library of children’s musical scores created for a Digital Library class.

internet-movie-database-imdb-presentation-1-638 (1)
Not only is IMDB entertaining, but it is a beloved research tool!

Research paper on the topic of folksonomies. Folk what, you ask? Just a fancy word for digital tagging.

Wild West
Interested in western novels? This Pinterest Board provides a brief overview of the genre.

Collection Development
A fictional collection of books for a botanic library, here is the book-by-book breakdown