Using Information Literacy to Fight Fake News

The issue of fake news (not a new problem) has been gaining more attention since the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, where several social media outlets were blamed for disseminating untruths. I see this as a problem of media literacy, not fake news.  Some facts: Stanford University found that 80% of middle school students perceived digital … More Using Information Literacy to Fight Fake News

Dystopian Wanderings

Publishing trends are important in my line of work. Of course, these trends are fueled by consumer tastes and sometimes these preferences are influenced by current events. Margaret Atwood’s, The Handmaid’s Tale, has been recently adapted into a Hulu show starring Elizabeth Moss. This timing compliments a renewed interest in the book and its subject matter. … More Dystopian Wanderings

Search for Open Access Resources, Part II

Last week I posted a list with Open Access resources, some focused on resources for students, and others with digital content with no set audience, only the goal of cultural stewardship. I recently subscribed to ACRL (Association of College & Research Libraries)- Choice Webinars YouTube Channel. Anyone can sign up to participate in the live … More Search for Open Access Resources, Part II

Search for Open Access Resources, Part I

I came across two interesting articles this week that got me thinking about digital content. The first article, ‘A Mean Amount of Money,’ published by Inside Higher Ed, discusses State University of New York (SUNY) & City University of New York (CUNY) colleges becoming tuition free through the Excelsior Scholarship (I was just a few years … More Search for Open Access Resources, Part I

Libraries- an essential third place?

I recently posted a Rebuttal to Dewey Decimal Jokes, highlighting some articles that dispute the idea that books/libraries are becoming obsolete.  A recent article published by The Brookings Institution (a nonprofit public policy group), “How public libraries help build health communities,” goes even further and describes libraries as essential community meeting places. Third places are meeting … More Libraries- an essential third place?

Get Involved

A few years after receiving my MILS, I am still looking for the ideal position. Maybe the “perfect position” doesn’t exist but I am determined to work in a library or as an advocate for library issues. Until that happens I am doing my best to stay informed and active by writing (one of the … More Get Involved


Last weekend, my husband & I took a mini-break to Western Colorado. On the drive we started listening to the new podcast brainchild of Serial and This American Life: S-Town. While I am a huge fan of Season 1 of Serial, I have never listened Brian Reed, the host of S-Town (and This American Life). He … More Wanderings

A Rare Find

The majority of my blog posts have been female-centric, which is not the focus by any means! That being said, March is Women’s History Month and I have stumbled upon several interesting articles, movements, and discoveries related to women. The latest discovery happened in my hometown of Rochester, NY.  Growing up in a city where we took … More A Rare Find