The Website

I suffer from Wanderlust.

Definition from Merriam-Webster & pic (by me!) is of the Val Ferret Valley on the border between Italy and Switzerland

Travel can be challenging, but it is always enlightening, educational, and humbling.  My perception of literature is almost identical: books allow you to explore new lands, learn about any topic, and gain a better understanding of yourself.  The name of this website comes from my intense love for physical and virtual exploration. I’m also intrigued by the different meanings of lit: it can refer to literature, it’s the past tense of “to light,” and the slang version of lit refers to a state of intoxication (“regardless of the intoxicating agent”).

I graduated with a Master’s of Information and Library Science in 2015 and currently work as a Corporate Librarian.  Since my work environment isn’t a library, I am not confronted with the same issues that I explored throughout my program, topics like inclusion, readers’ advisory, open access, and intellectual freedom. This website is an excuse to continue to explore these issues and a repository of some of my own projects.

Let’s wander together…