Next LITA Series

For my next series of posts on LITA, I came up with something that I would want to read: tech librarian stories. How they got where they are, what their daily (work) lives look like, how they stay current, and technology that they can’t live without. My first interview is with the head of tech … More Next LITA Series

Man Booker Shortlist

The Man Booker prize, hosted in the U.K. , has been around for nearly 50 years. The winner receives some cash but better than that, recognition by their peers and inevitably, a huge increase in book sales. In 2014 American offerings became eligible for the prize and (scandal!) this year Americans make up half the … More Man Booker Shortlist

“Ex Libris” Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!

I love movies….I love them so much that I host a yearly Oscar Award Show party, complete with red carpet and best-picture-nominee-themed food. Last year I served Chicken Tikka Masala in honor of “Lion” (good book, better movie), Cubans for “Moonlight” (movie set in Miami, FL), and Swedish Meatballs for “Man Called Ove” (Swedish book … More “Ex Libris” Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!

Get Carded

September is National Library Card Sign-Up Month, a “holiday” that I celebrate every month. More than I would like, I hear from co-workers that they A) have not stepped foot in their local library and B) do not have a library card. This amazes me! Not only are they missing out on books but streaming … More Get Carded

Last Lost Art Post

The final article in the LITA Lost Art series, looks at YouTube and vlogging. The next series features tech librarians. Have you ever looked at someone’s job title and wondered how they got there? I see interesting tech librarian titles all the time: emerging this and innovation that.  I was curious to learn more about these … More Last Lost Art Post

Lost Art Series

I am a new, regular contributor to LITA [Library Information Technology Association] and published my first post Monday. The “Lost Art” series will examine a tech tool and the way that it improves communication and encourages connections between users and the library. My first post, “The Lost Art of Conversation,” focuses on podcasts, specifically the … More Lost Art Series

Find your Literary Landmark

Just a short note on a recent discovery: An extremely interactive museum focused on American writers and their work, The American Writers Museum (AWM), opens in Chicago, IL on May 16, 2017.  Visitors are encouraged to explore through touchscreens and “…high-tech multimedia a mesmerizing ‘Word Waterfall,’ in which a wall of densely packed, seemingly … More Find your Literary Landmark